Letter to webmaster

Dear Sirs,
in your most interesting Vyborg history page
there is a sentence which is a little bit oversimplified and makes a future visitor somewhat confused when he or she visits the city and sees building and statues from the Finnish era before 1917:
"After the revolution of 1917 Vyborg was given to the newly achieved independence Finland. During the following period of 20 years Vyborg was greatly developing as industrial, commercial, cultural and business town."
The fact is that Vyborg, which was conquered by the Russians in 1710, was incorporated (by Alexander I) with the Vyborg Guberniya into the Grand Duchy of Finland in 1812. The whole Finland, Vyborg included, was parted from Russia in 1917 when Finland declared herself independent (which was recognised by the Bolshevik Government on Dec. 31, 1917 [New Style]). Vyborg wasn't in any way given to Finland because the Province and the city of Vyborg were parts of Finland.
I added a link to your (photo) pages from my Vyborg page http://www.clinet.fi/~pkr01/viipuri/vyborg.html

With best regards,
Pauli Kruhse