Vyborg is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, 120 km north-east of St. Petersburg.
Vyborg is known as one of the largest historical towns in Russia.The history of the town began with the construction of a castle in 1293 by Swedish,when they conquered Karelia Isthmus.In the year of 1403 Vyborg got official status of a town.
Castle of middlecentury construction and engineering fortifications defined the town as town-fortress.
Later Vyborg developed into a center of trade between the Novgorod merchants and Karelian hunters.

In the beginning of 18 century during the war actions of tsar Peter the 1 against Swedish soldiers Vyborg was joined to Russia.
It was developing as the center of commerce simultaneously with St. Petersburg.
The town developed as a forpost of Russia in the north-west part of the country,charged by famous generals Alexander Suvorov and Michail Kutusov. In the beginning of 19 century Finland,including Vyborg region was joined to Russia.
Vyborg started to be known as a sea-port and industrial and trading centre.

Nowadays Vyborg is an industrial and cultural center, the international harbor and an important railway and highway point. The Helsinki - Moscow highway passes through the city. The historical core of the town is formed by the castle and adjacent buildings.

Everybody,who has ever been here, keeps in the memory its majestic,unforgetable style, its quiet streets,wonder of various historical monuments. In Vyborg you can definetly feel touch of following each other historical ages, national cultures of swedish,finnish and russian people.
Foreign visitors are to be seen here at any time of the year. The city is visited each year by over 600.000 tourists from abroad. The people of Vyborg are tirelessly enhancing their cities appearance.
Old Vyborg is being carefully preserved and restored white the new Vyborg is constantly expanding its boundaries.